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hi all some of you know me and how my wife has multiple illnessess to top all illnessess we have found out that now she has lung cancer and we dont know how long she has to live http://dev.carersuk.org/j3/images/icon_cry.gif because of her other illnessess she cant have chemo or anything else her bo...
got physio today http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif shes back on friday with more work outs then give these little excercises a chance the real physical work will begin later and i'm looking forward to it i know its going to be hard but i aint going to give up noway i want to get back to ...
<t>hi myrtle i cant really get going because i havent seen physio to get me going i could try but i might do something to make things worse there will be care in plce when noreen gets home<br/> but only for noreen well thats how i understood it maybe picked it up wrong my mind is in a muddle at mo w...
<t>i agree with everything that has been said more or less but getting a care package in place is very hard you have to push very hard to get one i had a stroke about a week ago and noreen was put in hospital to be cared for cause there was no one home to lookafter her when i got discharged i was se...
why doesnt the government and a lot of carers realise DLA is not a benefit it says what it is an allowance! to begin with DLA was given to people who couldnt work and help with living costs Image Image
beat you to it george was 60 on feb Image
so wheres all these cuts we were expecting? have the government done a u turn? or was all this worrying over past year for nothing? what did he say last year he was looking to cut DLA
by 20% i wonder if he has realised at last that DLA is not a benefit but an allowance i wonder
no we are still waiting again! but hey thats the way of it wait wait wait Image
not very good at mo rosemary we both have been unwell how are you and yours?
GOTCHA!!! Image Image Image