Hi im looking for some advice, i recieve carers allowance but classed as an irregular earner, i sent my payslip for june in which covered a 5 week period i earned £556 over the 5 weeks but c.a are saying ive went over the limit so wont be getting a payment? Is this correct? Benefits are paid for a 4...
Its just a normal bank account. The advisor said 3-5 days at the latest but that seems a little long. Im no expert on benefit payments but i thought they were quicker than that x
The advisor said it was issued last night

If carers allowance payment was issued yesterday when can i expect it in my account?

Tia x
Im asking a simple question. Can i claim carers allowance whilest recieving statutory maternity pay??
No what i mean is, i know you cant get carers allowance if you recieve maternity allowance,but can you get it if you recieve statutory maternity pay? Aslong as its under £502 a month?
Can you claim carers allowance whilest being on maternity leave? My maternity pay is paid by my employer NOT by the government

How long after the decision is made to award carers allowance can i expect payment?

Id like to know if theyll still back date even though im classed as an irregular earner. My december and januaey wage was under but my feb wage was £18 over so will they still back date from the date i claimed
Thanks for the replies. Ive read through some of the older threads and it doesnt give me any answers to the questions about payments or if they still give you back dated money etc