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royd wrote:
Tue Feb 23, 2021 5:31 pm
Just done my online booking for a 2 weeks from today, closest place i can get to because of transport, a bit of a wait but still a result.
Well done.
It's taken me 2 weeks and four phone calls to get my GP surgery to put a carer flag against my NHS record. They lost 2 emails after I tried to contact them through their website contact form and then I got hit with a week long staff absence. Spoke with them again today and they didn't seem au fait ...
sunnydisposition wrote:
Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:24 pm
I always use e consult as the system is programmed. To give you a by reply date and time.
Seemed to work better.
Speaking to the surgery I got absolutely nowhere.
First person just said no not possible.
Second one was pretty condescending.
Much easier online.
My husband is having the vaccine later this week and I rang my GP today to make sure my medical records say I am his carer. They told me the GPs at the practice are making their own lists of patients who will get vaccinated and if you’re not on one of those lists you won’t be sent for, then they ba...
Morning Everyone Sent my E Mail with my letter, copy of my carers letter, said I had seen C1124, copy & pasted information off the carers website this was my reply: This is correct you are eligible for the vaccine and you will have been bumped up into group 6 as a carer but we at the surgery will n...
Good Afternoon, I have recently joined the forum and have put a post on regarding the problems I am having with our GP, so have read all of this with interest & will be reading the Protocol & Nuffield Trust. Our GP are in the process of doing Group 6 but say I have to wait for my invitation from NH...
Carol_21011 wrote:
Wed Feb 17, 2021 8:23 pm
P.S. We are both 53 so 119 can book you in regardless of age if you are a carer.
Thanks Carol.
I think my name is mud at my GP surgery because I pestered them for 6 weeks to get a vaccine for my housebound dad! When I was given a vaccine appointment on Monday I think they might have recognised the name and thought here comes trouble so just give her what she wants and she will shut up and le...
I've just found another good article about vaccines for carers. I've clearly got too much time on my hands! Actually I surf the web while my dad has a nap before the next round of meds and getting ready for bed. Dr Charlotte Paddison The Nuffield Trust Blog dated 16th Feb Vaccinating Unpaid Carers ...
Thanks to everyone who has given help and advice.