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Hi Chanyapak
This is a forum for unpaid carers who are looking after family/friends etc. so I'm not sure you will find the advice you are looking for here.
I hope you find an answer somewhere that helps you though.
Hi Tony You've had some good advice on this thread. I echo BBs comment, that you arrange your carers assessment outside of the family home. Mine offered to meet me somewhere local, and I think this would be better for you so you can talk freely about how it affects you. I have been carer for over 20...
Thank goodness my mums pads don't come vacuum packed. Sounds a nightmare!
I do have an issue with fruit pots I sometimes take in my lunch to work. I have to open it over the sink as the juice shoots out about 2 metres!
My dad was supposed to have this reablement package for free after he had a fall on 28th December and really hurt his back. It took soo long to even get the assessment that he was back in hospital before it was implemented. He never came out and died three months later of an unrelated matter that we...
I would not recommend.
Once you're in the carers club, it's very very hard to get out.
This is interesting Chris. I am only early 30s. Have looked after my mum since I was a child. Later this year my mum will eventually move in with my sister. I will be moving to my own first house by myself. Much as I moan, am completely exhausted, constantly in tears over mum and her behaviour somet...
Well done Pauline. I also hope when your mums home she doesn't have too many further problems with this.
So glad you've made this decision Elizabeth, well done!

I agree, it does help coming here and people really understanding what we go through.
Enjoy your few days away!
MrsA, you make a good point re: the eating. Elizabeth, my mum is also a problem eater. I now don't enter a discussion. The other evening, I asked mum what she wanted for tea, and gave her a few options. She said she didn't want anything. I didn't challenge her, just said that's fine. She had a cup o...
My mum has a supra pubic catheter and sometimes has to have what is called here a "flush through" which sounds the same as what you are describing. The district nurses have never suggested I learn to do this. I find hospitals etc are pushing families to do more and more and a lot of it is stuff we "...