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bowlingbun wrote:
Fri Jan 24, 2020 5:59 pm
Domestic help comes in daily funded by Attendance Allowance.
AA will just about fund 30 minutes per day, not sure if that's going to be enough, but it's a start.

My wife gets 4 X 45 minute sessions (washing and dressing) per week which eats the whole of her higher rate AA for the month.
"several old infarcts" :- an infarct is " a small localized area of dead tissue resulting from failure of blood supply." periventricular small vessel disease :- Periventricular refers to the where, which is around the Cerebral Ventricles SVD (small vessel disease) is a frequent finding on CT and MR...
As bowlingbun implied:- no-one can be made to care for anyone else, no matter what the relationship: and in these circumstances, I don't think you should - at least until your husband grows up a bit more.
The whole situation sounds appalling to me. I think you need to contact your MP for some help.

Set everything out neatly and briefly to a time-line:- what happened, what was promised or should then have happened, and then what didn't happen. Name names if you want to.
Another full moon, so soon after the last one, our weather is truly messed up! :lol:

Your wife has a lovely bum, thanks for sharing. I'm not sure that it will be allowed to stay, but at least I've had some brief enjoyment.
I'm not sure if you've reduced your work hours in order to claim CA or to allow you more time for caring. If it's the first, why not just take all the extra hours you can as long as it will regularly bring in more than the fairly meagre CA?
I doubt that I'm the right person to fulfil that, I have some very nice acquaintances, but don't feel the need for friends, (been let down by too many in the distant past), and I'm always happy in my own company. It might help if you give an approximate location in case someone is interested and nea...
Hey, I'm new to this group. I'm Abby, full time carer of my disabled mother for about four years. I enjoy video games, reading, writing novels and Greek mythology. I just turned 20. That's literally everything about me Haha. But yeah, thanks for having me. Hi Abby, 20 is very young to be facing the...
Thanks for the advice! Is it a good idea to sit inside the car or not? When test driving it, what are the most important things to consider and remember? It's the easiest way to drive!! ;) Make sure it's comfortable to sit in and comfortable to use the foot-pedals. Do you have good visibility in al...
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Thu Jan 16, 2020 5:58 pm
A zombie thread ?

Revived by a spammer at a guess - I've not looked at the link to find out, as moving my money abroad has no interest for me, (no pun intended). :lol: