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Six people not enough to make a good Christmas for you?

Don't worry, help is at hand..

Kill your own turkey and invite thirty people to the funeral. :lol:
What I would really like is a better quality of life with less fighting for correct services/education/appropriate housing and support for people with disabilities...and just the chance to live a normal life like other people where you have time off/weekends away/holidays...just normal things that ...
Denis_1610 wrote:
Thu Sep 24, 2020 1:36 pm
Hello C. How often is the bedding laundered? Who does this?
C posted this in 2015 - and last posted over a year ago.

I think the bedbugs may have been dealt with by now - or eaten Cs computer/tablet/phone (or even all three). ;)
I order all of my wife's medications. I was a little disorganised at first and have suffered with the "too early" problem, but most of my problems were caused by a useless pharmacy. I keep a calendar in the kitchen and mark the day to order her meds - it's every 28 days in her case, so it's just a m...
We need Carers UK to take the lead with this sort of initiative. It's almost too obvious isn't it? I don't wish to be uncharitable, (we all lack time, if nothing else) but the OP having not been back since their original post doesn't give me any confidence that they'd be able to make a better job o...
Caseyface wrote:
Tue Sep 22, 2020 10:39 am

Firstly, does anyone know the general time turnaround these days when applying for carers allowance please? It's been about 3 and a half weeks and i've not heard anything yet.
Prior to CoronaVirus, three weeks would have been about the norm, now, no-one knows.
I agree Ayjay, but getting a group together is a good idea anyway. We are stronger together than alone. Many carers are scared to be singled out by the authority. The government is making poor excuses for leaving us and they wish to. All in the name of money. Something has to be done. I will join M...
Hello everyone, I'm a single parent carer and have been for the past 32 years yes - my son is now 32 i believe its now time that we make a stand and demand a suitable amount from the government in order to pay us - we do so much and should be given the recognition for the work we do, we are not app...
Being in receipt of the appropriate benefits will give you automatic eligibility for a Blue Badge, but those are not exclusive reasons for getting one.

https://www.gov.uk/government/publicati ... blue-badge
I'm probably the worst person to give advice about mental health problems as my usual answer (just in my head) is "FFS pull yourself together", but in this instance I feel able to give an opinion (rather than advice). I suspect that the attraction is that they share a common problem and can empathis...