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Has anyone given up work to care for an elderly parent? It happens all too often, and rarely without regret. You can deal with it safe in the knowledge that you will never be able do enough for someone displaying the very common dementia behaviour that your Mum is. I can remember my Grandad, (died ...
Still can't settle to a book, after being an avid reader. You need a book that you can't put down: if you like thrillers, (or maybe even if you don't) try something by David Baldacci, James Patterson or the C J Box Jo Pickett series - (C J Box is more nicey nicey, but does still contain murder and ...
If you visit HMS Victory, there is a brass plaque mounted on a bit of wood on the deck that bears the legend "Nelson Fell Here".

To be honest I am not surprised, it sticks up a good inch and a half proud of the deck.
Ryan_21041 wrote:
Fri Apr 23, 2021 3:38 pm
This is seriously irresponsible. Stay home stay safe.
It may have been at the time, but the rules have changed considerably since January.
The care package that started was worse than useless, late,didnt turn up,ran out of time etc So i am reluctant to let my wife be discharged unless something appropriate is in place... It just seems constant lip service from the so called caring professionals The free reablement care service that is...
Can i ask how often you use the hoist on a daily basis ? On a normal day the routine would be as below. After breakfast she goes from her bed to the commode and then back again. Prior to lunch she is hoisted from bed to wheelchair. Late evening from wheel chair to bed. That's four transfers in tota...
Has the hoist been delivered ? Yes Have you been trained ? No, as its a 2 person job ? It's only a two person process for those being paid to do it. I hoist my wife unaided every day, and have done for three years now, fortunately she is only a lightweight. There may be issues that I'm unaware of i...
Ted_2104 wrote:
Sun Apr 18, 2021 8:09 pm
bowlingbun wrote:
Sat Apr 17, 2021 10:36 pm
It seems your brother is almost depriving dad of his liberty and freedom. That is serious.
I hope it does not come to that,
It already has come to that if your Dad can't see you without your brother's approval.
Russell_2104 wrote:
Wed Apr 14, 2021 7:10 am
.................... the main problem is she cannot get herself on to the toilet and the carers won't help her without a sling affair which will not fit in our downstairs toilet
A Commode is required in this situation, (plus hoist and sling).

OT will provide all that.
There's a lot of people working in positions such as that who have absolutely no idea (or interest, I'd say) of what caring involves. During a wheelchair appointment (to assess the Pressure cushion) we spoke of other things and the girly came out with:- " You're not supposed to be in the wheelchair ...