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There's a very simple and completely painless initiation ceremony for new members.

Just send me a case of a half decent Pinot Noir and all will be revealed. :-D

(That's a joke btw) 8-)
I'm with BB on this: we've paid for the sins of our long gone Empire, time to call it a day and look towards using that money at home.
You're not going to change the system without a long and protracted effort, and even then it's doubtful that you'll achieve anything meaningful, so something else has to change. A Keysafe is the obvious answer, and we've had no problems with ours, (apart from when I've needed to use it due to my own...
I plan to descend into my underground bunker and screw the hatch up tight, ( quite a bit like a usual Christmas).
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It's not that unusual that my wife's leavings in the commode actually block the toilet, (I keep an especially re-shaped S/S wall tie in there to deal with that, I bet not many people have to do that). I dread to think what it would be like with three doses in there, fortunately she only goes once a ...
Have a carer in the morning to help wash and dress, but with increasing pain etc finding this difficult.................................................. but am I missing something. Is your Carees pain relief being monitored and tailored to the situation? There some very good pain killers available...
David4 wrote:
Sat Nov 21, 2020 5:02 pm

But surely a council is a aware of a situation like this?
Almost certainly, but it's advantageous to them to feign ignorance.

Never trust anyone in those situations to do the best thing for you.

I was born cynical, but I'm also often correct.
As a pensioner carer .I get nothing. Carers Allowance is around £60 a week, a fraction of the minimum wage. No right to holiday pay, respite, time off. Me too: a couple of times recently I've mentioned to "health professionals" that I've not had a day off since Nov 2014, and it just goes a bit quie...
By "Here", it means in this part of the forum. You successfully posted your question about it: had you continued to write more along with your question, you could have told us a bit about yourself.

I don't think it's an instruction, just a suggestion.
Ajay My daughter's much loved dog steals socks if she gets the chance, and definitely knows the word treat, so that one was real to me me! When we had a dog, it was one of a litter of pups that my Mum's dog had had. A girl who worked with my wife had another of the pups and so we got regular update...