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There is no general advice to be found regarding how to nurse someone showing "mild" symptoms - apart from paracetamol for the fever. Are there any recommendations regarding medication for the chest congestion? Should they be in bed or up and dressed and seated in a chair, which to mind would be bet...
My old boss from aeons ago had been taken to hospital after an overdose of zoiclone. There's nothing I can do becase I hardly knew hi any more, but he was a lovely bloke and I'm quite upset about it. He'd apparently had trouble sleeping and had been taking these pills for several weeks. I can't seem...
She just stopped breathing this afternoon.
I can't grieve.
The kit sounded so revolting I didn't buy one! perhaps I should have!
Things change! :unsure:
Don't think I'd like to try marching on the spot just before setting off to the bathroom - asking for leaks as far as many of us women are concerned. Good idea all the same.
Thats a good tip bowlingbun.
I think they were called Carpet Doctor - and they were a countrywide company.
I agree the professionals are best. Google for them in your area and either just choose one (which is what I did) or ask for some quotes. One word of warning - the machine they use is very noisy which might upset your wife unless you are able to take her to another room. The firm I used had a kind o...
I think I have to just accept the fact that she's turned into a thouroughly nasty old woman. She's not in a home, so I can't walk out and anyway she won't remember.
Well yes, I'd like to answer back with an equally cutting remark - BUT she's not going to 'learn' from it is she? She's incapable of learning (a toddler can learn, she can't) it might make me feel better in the short term but it won't stop her from saying these things again and again if she feels li...