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You might find this useful: https://www.carersuk.org/images/Factsheets/FlexibleWorking_July_2017.pdf No one - not even a carer - has the right to have their application approved by their employer. However, if an employer turns down a request, they should give reasons for doing so. Just to round thi...
Just wondering if there is an independent in Manchester. Have a Stannah for my partner but Stannah themselves won't service it or sell us parts as they did not sell it to us. The reason why eludes me.
Thanks Chris,

Looks like a resounding "No" then;
The following do not qualify as substantial and permanent adaptations:
  • the fitting of a standard roof rack or standard roof box;
    the attachment of a trailer to the back of a vehicle;
Hi All, Hope you're well. Just a quick question on trailers and whether it is possible to get the VAT back? We are looking into getting an enclosed trailer for my partners mobility scooter to tow behind the car. I have had a look at the gov.uk website and it seems unlikely, but I am sure there will ...
Thank you very much. That is just perfect.
Looking at asking my employer for some flexibility in my week to compress my hours to facilitate a day off once a fortnight night to either take my partner to appointments or just get stuff done to allow some quality time. Is there a criteria I need to meet to claim carers status? Does this need to ...
New to all this.
Caring for my partner.
Working full time.
Looking for some wrinkles and get some definition on the jargon.