Attend appointment was quick 2 minutes chat anything changed or need anything updated and see you in 3 year time thanks all for your comments.
Thanks wasn’t to sure if they changed you to UC due to Income Support a shall have a look at Citizen Advice.
Yeah have to attend days on letter will attend anyway
Also does anyone know if your on CA and IS and because your on IS you go on to UC? I know CA isn’t on UC.

Yeah will be decontaminated after it.
Thanks for reply Chris

Not done any paid work or anything bar my caring duties got no plans to change that as happy with my caring duties.

No change to my circumstances.
Hello I have appointment for income support I am a carer on carer allowance too this is first time been sent to attend one in 3 year is anything changed at these appointments did have few at start of my claim they used to ask if wanted work or any help etc is this still the same or they ask you anyt...