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Yes, he does respond in his good days. My daughter(8 years old) and Sasha help him a lot just by their presence. Sasha knows she's being helpful, as well. :)
Thank you, Jenny Lucas, for this insight! It is never easy for either the carer or the patient...I would be thankful if my dad should simply slip away, being unconscious of his end, so I understand "gentle". I believe their lack of awareness is there with a purpose, to spare them of all the tragedy.
Well said! All your stories help a lot!
Hello again! Yes, I have googled and read about the 7 stages. There are also sites that speak about 4 stages. I guess I am confused...I also know that a stroke can be fatal at any time. I am aware of the fact that doctors do their best, but cannot offer confirmation of any sort and they base their d...
Love your cat, Melly1, by the way. I have a senior, black kitty , named Sasha, who has CKD and trying to keep her stable and among us, as well :) I love her so much.

Thank you so much for all your support!
Hello! My dad, 73, was diagnosed about 2 years ago with mixed dementia. His state has rapidly worsened and after several CTs, the brain damage he had suffered was established on the left side of his brain entirely. Back in 2003 he had a stroke, but recovered quite well in the years that followed. An...
Dear Rosemary, After reading your blog, I feel I have to express my gratitude for your words, which have mirrored my feeling perfectly. That sense of loss is tormenting at times, having your person in front of you and yet feeling him/her so lost. Losing someone before his actual death is too much to...
Melly1, you've been very helpful, thank you, I will look into it! The capital is far from where I live, but it's good to know there is such a help provider and I will look deeper into the info they have on the web.
No problem! Yes, we have splendid scenery here! It's a truly beautiful country! :)
It's a flat, 4 rooms. We don't have all these services here in Romania. We have 3 options: either care for our elder by ourselves, or admit him to a care home(private or public), or hire a person to care for him at home. For now, we are handling the situation well, me and mum, as my dad is rather do...