Labyrinth, (this is page 160, so as I'm late joining in this :blush: , I 'spect, it's already been added)
Well if the Lib-Dems promise, a 'cash bonus to give Carers a break' What can go wrong?
That nice Mr Clegg, would never go back on his word. (Yeah right)
This may be worth a look, I have made quite a few of these recipes for Jan when she was on a 'Low Fat Diet'. it's a book: Ainsley Harriott's 'Low Fat Meals in Minuets' £14.99, or you may find it, on line cheaper or borrow it from your library. The premis is, you don't have to sacrifice flavour, just...
I don't understand a word you just said!
I used to be logged in all the time but since the resent changes, I have to log in each time. I would like to stay logged in all the time please, can you tell how to do it? :?
Thank you for your advice. I have DM'd Judy.
I have just found a smashing fully wheelchair accessible 'holiday cottage' :D :D It's near Axminster East Devon. It's called 'The Milking Parlour' It sleeps up to 5, and has a good wet room too. :D Jan and I will be staying there in September, whilst we have our bathr...
If it was supplied through your/his OT, perhaps they could give you some tuition.
Did I pass? ;-)
Cue :cheer: