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Signed, but Cameron is now saying that they will move the goal posts to 150,000 sigs required for debate.

Wait til Labour get back in, they will soon make you more uncomfortable! he he
The hidden cuts with this DLA thing are of course the million or so people over 65 who will lose their DLA entitlement entirely as PIP ends at 65 so it would seem.
Thanks for your reply, that's very helpful.
How do you choose a care home to for a relative with dementia?
<t>The best deterrent I have seen so far is the system employed at some service areas on motorways were CCTV cameras record the number plates of every car in every parking position. Primarily there to catch shoplifters and petrol thieves it also records which vehicles parked in which spaces and when...
sweetiex, send that to camerond@parliament.uk please
Some will get their electric wheelchairs (funded by DLA payments) pulled from under them, literally, and we all know who ends up pushing the wheelchairs when that happens!

Its not a well thought out move is it?
We can also see that the increase in pension age is unfair to women, read this bit by Ann Begg:- http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/? ... 22#g1196.2 [quote]Women who began their working lives expecting to get a state pension at 60-that happens to include me-will now have to wait another six years...
<t>I think that can be translated directly into an impact on Carers. For instance, a person reaching age 65, severely disabled, who has a Motability car that their Carer drives for them, would find themselves not only without any transport but also without any State Pension also! It would of course ...