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Our local paper recently had an article that said relatives CAN be paid to care, and went into great detail. Unfortunately, I can't copy it very well.
I've just read the new government guidance on discharges, that says "you will not have a choice" referring to the patient. After many pages I found the word "carer" once! No suggestion that any carer had any real input into anything though!! The writers of the document seem to think that there are v...
Response from CUK????

Might be waiting some time.
Morrisons not delivering in my area yet. Just checked.
Emma, you did the RIGHT thing for him, and for you. There wasn't any other option left.
What else does he think you should have done?
First, read up on NHS Continuing Healthcare. Then have a look at a copy of the contract that the home should have issued you with when mum moved in. Then ring the Care Quality Commission. Ultimately, this is NOT your problem, but that of Social Services. Mum is a vulnerable adult, a very, very vulne...
To a 5 year old child an Easter Egg IS surely an essential item. How can anyone not realise that???
Experienced staff, like my best friend, predicted this would happen years ago. When there was relatively full employment, experienced staff were made redundant as they had the highest salaries, replaced by staff and a computer and 6 weeks training, using an American computer system that was out of d...
I was just looking at the number of views to various threads. Foodbanks, Universal Credit, Childcare, the poorest being hardest have the highest number of views I could see. (Maybe someone else knows how to examine the data in more detail?. Foodbanks has over 44 THOUSAND views! Would it be unreasona...