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Dad was entitled to six weeks free Reablement Care after discharge. Did the hospital or Social Services talk to you on the phone about your caring role before discharge?They should also have visited the home to check he had all the aids and adaptations he needed for discharge. Something tells me thi...
How old are you?
This is really important!
That is a terrible mess to unravel. I know several people left with nothing after a second marriage. However some fool solicitor set this up, is he/she still practising?! Presumably second wife is younger fit and healthy? If she died first he could use her share of his IHT exemptions, but as a trust...
Just a few quick questions for now. Are you an only child?
Does dad own or rent his house?
Do you have Power of Attorney?
Does dad have over £23,000 in savings?
How old are you?
I would never suggest this. As they get worse, you will be doing more and more and more, just as you are getting older and slower yourself. Try to manage their care rather than provide their care. Now some questions I'm afraid. Are you an only child? Do they own or rent the house? Have over £46,000 ...
How are things now? You have to consider your own wellbeing and you children's. Is it helping any of you to stay together?
It took me years to find out about the scheme Hampshire use. They even denied it's existence to start with. The Care Act Guidance is clear though. Where any Resource Allocation System is used, whatever it is called, they must be transparent about it's use! So write to the council and make a Freedom ...
https://assets.publishing.service.gov.u ... update.pdf

This is probably what you need to read.
Apologies, Social Services Department. In that case, don't worry too much about Continuing Healthcare. Get the local Social Services to do their assessment asap. Authorities have a reciprocal arrangement. Normally they are required to honour the assessment of the previous authority until they have d...

CHC is much more important if someone has over the threshold of SSD care, i.e. the £23,000 I mentioned earlier.
If not, then SSD will have to contribute to some or all of her care.