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This whole business is really doing my head in!!
Three year olds are known to sit in their pushchairs, cry, kick and scream with frustration.
I know how they feel.
I would ask the council employee to email the information. I think of it as setting a little trap. I have no hesitation in acting the dumb female on these occasions and use terms like "so I can get my head round it" or "so I can show my son/brother etc.etc." The end goal is to get what I want as qui...
Go to the Information Commissioner's website and read up about "Subject Access Requests". If the home are ignoring you after written requests, the IC can intervene. Do you have Legal Expenses Insurance on any of your insurance policies? When my husband died, and I needed answers, this insurance paid...
I certainly don't think China and India need our money, if they spend their money on the space race, rather than the welfare of their own citizens, that is their decision. Their charity begins in their homes too!
I have removed my post.
If a trainee barrister thinks there is some contradictory guidance, it's just the sort of thing to let them get their teeth into! Sorting it out for family carers would look good on a CV!
I have removed my post.
Welcome to the forum.
If you reply to my message, by telling us a bit more about yourself and who you care for, someone can then read your message and reply.
I live in the New Forest, my son is 41, with severe learning difficulties.
Have you asked Social Services for help?
For key safes to be fitted?
Start by recording his aggressive outbursts on your phone.
Keep a diary of day to day things he does or does not do.
Many carers have found this a way of getting help.