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When my dad was dying of cancer, it affected his mental abilities. - he was a research scientist. I'm wondering if your dad's behaviour is another symptom? Sadly, it's time for you to Google Signs of dying, you will find some easy to read articles which will help you manage dad in the next few months.
Do you have a local hospice offering support? YOU need a break from all this. Dad should have Continuing Healthcare and overnight care if needed.
Paul, in that case make a subject access request to the agency, asking for copies everything they have written about you. They have ;30 days to comply, or you can go to the Information Commissioner.
Thanks, that's helpful. Have a look at the 2014 Care Act Statutory Guidance, which makes it clear that as long as the money is being used to meet an assessed need (i.e. providing care for the client) then the LA should not place any unreasonable restrictions on how it is used). I don't know anything...
Sorry, no idea what AS or PFS facilitator means.

Where is the funding from, a local authority or the NHS?
It may well be that there are various other sources of funding that you are unaware of, or provisions in the Care Act that the LA is unaware of. Just explain a bit more.
Absolutely not!! Ring the hospital, ask to speak to the CEO's office (someone will be ulitimately responsible for the hospital at the weekend) and complain about the UNSAFE DISCHARGE. Insist that if they can't get the care sorted out for her this evening she needs to go back into hospital or a nursi...
You need to explain a bit more.
Is the carer or the caree getting Direct Payments?
Who is going abroad?
What alternative care are you talking about?
You MUST appeal about the PIP decision as soon as possible. Over half the appeals are successful. I had to do it myself, the examining doctor had written blatant lies!! So ask for copies of their PIP paperwork.
I'm sure you are dismayed at the prospect of confronting dad. However, reading your original post again, there is a simple solution. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you try to lift him, especially as you have had a C section. You must call an ambulance to assist. Then you can explain the situation and...