Just read your other post. Make a formal complaint to both the coordinators employer and DWP. And explain that you ARE caring and do qualify and want it reinstated immediately.
What do you mean by "she removed me?" Tell us what is going on. The benefits you claim are nothing to do with a social worker!
Has he had a Continuing Healthcare Assessment? What reason have they given for the change of agency?
" 6 months to go" and "palliative care"? Does she now have Continuing Healthcare?
Do you have your own home? Does dad own his home? If so, then do NOT go and see dad regularly at the hospital, the more concerned about him, the more they will try to bully you. I was in a very similar situation to you. Realistically, dad is nearing the end of his life, and his needs are only going ...
Your parents can be assessed either jointly or individually, so the max. savings allowed is about £47,000.
Are they refusing to get any help because they have to pay, and you providing care without giving you anything???
Victor, has someone challenged your entitlement to Carers Allowance?
I hope you have saved those texts, don't delete them before printing them off.
Please keep your phone on you. When your uncle rings, record his calls. Do NOT open the door to him until you have your phone on video record. If he lays one finger on your husband, he has demonstrated conclusively that he is not fit to care for a vulnerable old man. Maybe this is why grandad is so ...
Sorry, it was long ago, before links. Has anyone queried this with you?