George, the future of your sister is now a huge issue.
Mum has a tough journey ahead of her, now is the time to find somewhere that can care for your sister.

Is dad currently working? (you mention a huge financial hit). Does your family own, or rent the house? Mortgage?
Good that you hate the dementia, not mum. You must focus on what she NEEDS not what you want, and accept when the times come that she will need a TEAM of people, not just you. Have you asked Social Services for a Carers Assessment, to see if they can help you? When did mum last have a Needs Assessme...
Having spoken to a number of service users, it's a good "stepping stone" from either living with mum and dad, or living in residential care, to having your own place, or "supported living".
Don't worry, we are not the Spelling Police.

I've just bought a second hand Hudl to use when it's not convenient to use my computer (eldest son is a shift worker) and didn't realise that it had predictive text!

Apologies to anyone who I have accidentally written garbage to!!
Hi Julie, Welcome to the forum, you sound really desperate at the moment. One of our forum members, Rosemary, has a husband diagnosed with dementia in his fifties. I'm sure she will reply to your post in due course, but I know she is dealing with some urgent stuff as far as her husband and seriously...
Thanks Paul, that's a very useful phrase!
Enjoy your break.
My mum had an LPA, although she didn't have dementia, but was housebound, it was easier for me to manage all her financial matters. If your mum doesn't remember signing the form etc., then that just shows how important it was to get it signed when you did! Really important when dealing with those wh...
Is there a Mencap near you, or other learning disability organisation?

After years of ours doing nothing, it's now reinvigorated, and about half a dozen of us are now actively trying to change policies.
They can still insist you attend.
It could be that, as others have found, the DWP worker doesn't know their own rules. Use this as a training exercise for them!
Shared Lives is not a permanent thing, should be regarded as a stepping stone to something else. It's used here,
OK until the carer changes her mind or gets ill.