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I'm always on the side of carers. I ended up with a life threatening illness, the consultant told me 25 years without a holiday hasn't done you any favours" and soon after my husband died of a massive heart attack. It's really important that we recognise when enough is enough. I hadn't realised mum ...
Whereever we live, we share many of the same problems!!

I'm in the New Forest.
Was she poorly before you discussed it, or afterwards??? There is a phrase I don't like, "Elderly Toddler" but I'm afraid sometimes it applies, when people don't get their own way. I understand that they are worried about how they will cope etc. but they lose the ability to see how others are strugg...
A friend of mine cared for his mum until she was 104. By then, he was too old to realise many of his own dreams.

Please, please, don't let this happen to you. Enjoy life, be happy, you don't owe dad anything.
As soon as I read the instructions about people having no say when they were discharged from hospital, I was desperately worried, and sadly, those worries have now been shown to be totally justified.
So they have discharged her without assessing her dementia?! You must go to work Luke. Either she manages with staff going in or goes into residential care. You must not sacrifice your life, because if she has dementia, and repeating herself certainly sounds like it, then she cannot make any reasona...
If mum has over £23,000, then it is important that she helps you financially to arrange appropriate support. IF you want her to stay with you, and you are certain you are OK with this (bearing in mind she is going to get more and more frail until she dies) then you need to decide what you want to he...
Can you send the recording of mum's behaviour to CHC? Have you shown it to her GP? Or yours? In fact showing it to your GP might be best, then he could tell CHC that the effect on your health is intolerable . Do you have a Blood Pressure Monitor? My GP was so concerned about mine that he told me to ...
What was mum in hospital for?
How much care does she need?
Does she have over £23,000? (Yes/No)
Is she receiving Attendance Allowance?
There are various ways you can get help and support, but it really depends on your answers.
I've never heard of anyone getting FIVE hours a day!!

Please can you tell us more about mum's situation. If she is severely disabled, has anyone told you about NHS Continuing Healthcare, FREE care paid for by the NHS.