The prognosis for PNFA is deterioration to the point where any form of communication is lost. Complications emerge over time e.g. pneumonia. Associated diseases such as MND and PSP can also develop. There is no cure available or medication to alleviate the symptoms. So the situation is dire. SLT hav...
Thanks for your kind help and useful suggestions

My wife can read and write (although not 100% accurate).
Another label is Fronto Temporal Dementia FTD

It doesn't seem to affect memory but there are other physical symptoms
which emerge such as MND and Parkinsonism.s and PSP
its a neurological condition from damage to fronto temporal lobs caused by protein abnormalities
SLT cannot help anymore and they discharged her!
She has had an MRI and CT and damage is obvious
No medication available at present
My wife was developed this condition about 3 years ago. Her verbal communication skills
have almost evaporated and her non verbal skills are deteriorating, Its has left a huge void in our relationship.