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thank you all for your helpful replies.

It seems the care company also thought i was referring to taking our daughter out against covid rules.

that was not the situation at all.
it taught me how clear i should make things. and how easily what i say can be misunderstood.

to be honest we have never had a contract.

yes i can see your point, but there is always the housework that has to be done.

and surely this has to looked at from our point of view too, and our daughters point of view. surely its beneficial to her mental health to spend time alone with her family.
yes i do realise that covid situation at the moment, would prevent her being taken out by anyone.but this happened before covid pandemic.

i just want to get my facts straight before i have a meeting with them.

thank you.
i have asked for a meeting with care company to clarify this Melly. take care.
my daughter receives CCG funding. i realise we are lucky to receive this. she is 54 and living in supported living flat, and is very happy there with a good team of cares who she loves. however, the care company who are responsible for her care say we cannot take her out, or have her home with us fo...
yes this was a very moving documentary, and a true picture of what most parents have to face once their disabled children grow up.
i do admire Katy Price, she has always been so proud of Harvey and rightly so.
sorry melly this link is not working. could you please try posting this again.

many thanks. pam
yes, i will request that.

i think its just an initial panic situation with them, once they calm down and are trained and trained again if necessary, then they will relax.

her care is NHS funded.
hi my daughter has severe learning difficulties, and following a brain haemorrhage 3 yeas ok, has no mobility and has to be PEG fed. she lives in her own apartment and has 24/7 care. some of the time double ups. she gets NHS funding and employs a care provider. however, due to problems with her pres...