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Hah! Might have known Chris would beat me to it. Here's a link, anyway. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/sadiq-khan-pledges-free-london-travel-for-disabled-peoples-carers/ar-BBYx883?ocid=ASUDHP I'm assuming this is only while accompanying the disabled person - I don't see why we should be entitl...
I asked elsewhere, and have been told that it's actually pension age rather than 65 you have to reach before you can't claim the PIP mobility allowance.
The report is riddled with lies and almost everything we said has been twisted. [...] Therefore he cannot make his own meals... but the assessor reckons he can because he can put a packet in the microwave. She also thinks he can budget and manage his money perfectly well... because he sat a maths t...
For instance Washing and bathing 2 out of 8 He needs helped into and out of bath & I have to physically bathe him. Managing your toilet needs 0 out of 8 He has little accidents from time to time, it's happening more frequently lately. Dressing and undressing 2 out of 8 Granted he can physically dre...
I'd say contact your MP - although s/he may of course be otherwise occupied at present :(
Sally_17031 wrote:
Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:33 am
Call your local council and try and speak to the Adult Social Care team.
"Try" being the operative word! 30 minutes on hold as standard. Emailing them might be easier.

Thanks for the suggestions, though. I did find the housingcare.org website, which seems useful.
I thought convector heaters were supposed to be cheap to run (relatively speaking)?
I'm wondering if I can get my caree into respite care somewhere to alleviate the stress of a house move as much as possible. I've had a look at my local authority's website and find it totally impenetrable with regard to respite care. My main concern is that we wouldn't know the moving date until a ...
I think WFF do a fortnightly delivery - or maybe that's just where I live - in which case you need to have space in the freezer, or possibly get another small one specially for them. Our guy turned up at 7.45 am once, which I thought was ridiculously early, but now it's more around 8.30 or so, depen...
Thanks, Chris, but the second link just takes me to a 404 page on this site.

That first quote is ambiguous, to say the least!