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i would like to wish all the carers and their carees a very happy new year hope you keep well in the new year, sorry ive not been on much but our lifes have took a big change in 2012 for the better, we moved to a new region a brand new house. i retired from working in special education and hubby ch...
garry will be on respite so hubby and i are going to a beach chalet for the week, its the first in the 20 years we have managed to get away for valentines.
<t>Susan,<br/> <br/> the edinburgh service covers west lothian as well, ive had the service for at least 5 years now, it certainly takes some of the washing away, but on occassion i have had to put supposedly clean sheets into the blue bag as they are still soiled or stained and on one occassion all...
<t>the companion bus pass has been in west lothian in scotland for at least 20 years ,garry has on although at the moment his epilepsy/ challenging behaviour dosnt allow us to use it.<br/> BUT all the class in the school [special school]i work in have one and it is used nearly daily. it has a large ...
personal care is also free to under 60s as my son who is 37 gets it, and has done for at least 5 years now.
seasons greeting from us our house to your house
i get mine from the community health centre as well,also get conti-wipes and aprons from them , get cavalon cream and a skin cleansing spray on prescrition.

<t>i try and do something for myself and OH on our 4 hourly sessions, but on my sons respite[a week at a time] i try and get sometime to myself, BUT i worry most of the time hes away as there has been so many BAD problems,2 years on the trot we went on holiday to wales and each time we were just ins...
my son has respite, he used to go to someone in the community, as well as to a hostel type . i have never had the communication that you are looking for he started respite at 12 year old he is now 37 he has no speach at all, severe learning disibilities,severe epilepsy, and N>E>A>D. [he induces seiz...
nothing to do with the above, but we must stay around the same area, dad still stays in an ex mining village, he worked in 4 of the local mines, and then a private mine just before he retired, hes 84 now and i am proud to be a miners daughter.