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The countryside is not far away the town is a bit run down but I like it can't complain I would recommended living in Wiltshire
She keep telling me I was sacked as her carer trying to wind me up only to turn around and say you know I don't mean it she told everyone at hospital I was sacked I was laughing my head off each time . On Friday the specialist said she was going to have a lumber puncture next week oh I've had one be...
Her mental health had got worse over a period not been able to walk or use a toilet really upset her she told me and a mental health nurse she just wanted to die and had enough of being in and out of hospital.
Thank you I will have a read I looked at a few websites last night .
Thank you its horrible feeling you know too well I rang the care people and burst into tears I'm very lucky my brother is good at doing the paperwork well take a few days to sort everything out so much to plan . I'm glad I spent the last hours with her as I tend to have a rest at the weekend then go...
The awful phone call at 6am from the hospital saying you need to come your mother is non- responsive 4 hours later and all that time speaking on the phone too her sister my brother walks into her side room says "Hello mum" few mins later she's at peace .
My mother was rushed into hospital on Tuesday I took all her meds and notes from her gp who made a home visit I stayed with her until 10pm from going in at 830 first thing I asked was for a air bed for her bed sores which I was told it would be on order this coming from an HCA not a nurse. Visited h...
Play guitar read books watch DVDs listen to iPod 18000 songs on it word search jigsaws puzzles home baking collect first day covers. To name a few
Coffee time bed sticks (dog treats ) front door telephone shower bath
Thought our council was shocking but this is really terrible.
Found a very good social worker who set everything up when mother was in hospital care bed etc . The bed was put in the same day as she came out of hospital . She had every scan available great news now back eating and drinking but her blood pressure is very low did have an episode of 79/69 I asked ...