Great! I will keep it in my mind. I will keep myself updated of this information, thank you!
try to look for a girl for him to date. :)
Research to internet is another way of source. Good luck
Great question! Better seek for a legal counsel before moving step forward.
In my own opinion, stay in your job because that's your way of living. You cannot supply your needs if resign and look for another job. Good luck
This is a heavy situation and the sad part is that you cannot escape from this because it's genetic. I am just praying for you and the rest of the family.I can feel sadness in your house. Take care!
Absinthe kills you :lol:
That's so sad to hear that, no matter what happens be strong and always pray for your mom.
Sending more hugs...Sad for you cried. It is so refreshing when have time to go out and see the world.
The only thing you can help yourself is you also. Just be patient and love your mum more. I believe if do good things you'll deserve a reward. Keep praying!