Will this include recipients aged 65 and over?
Hope everything goes well xx
I am dreading the brown PIP envelope coming
Veronica someone has to claim Carers allowance for looking after you and I think if your partner is on JSA then hes available for work and wont be able to get it. Your best bet is to ring the Carers UK benefit helpline as they have all the knowledge
Scally we don't pay rent or council tax as hubby is on pension credit
We get free hospital parking anyway if we have our carees with us!
It can be done Scally, we live on less than that a month!
Abby your hubby is in the same position as mine but his DLA will not stop, he will be invited to apply for PIP if he was 64 or under in March 2013, my hubby has an indefinite award and he will be invited to apply for PIP on or after October 2015, has your hubby only got his award till August 2014 or...
Both hubby and Sarah have it for life and to take it away with PIP is ridiculous, hubby goes 65 in December and if they take his DLA away then he loses the car so loses his chance to get out of the house
From our door to the car door is about 10 metres and hubby struggles with that, also when you have to go for your PIP assessment the disabled parking to the building is more than 20 metres and they have cameras watching to see if you can walk it, if you can you don't get mobility. This government ar...