My husband has all sorts of tests, MRI's different blood tests, spinal tap which have all come back normal. like your husband mine has had several motor bike crashes which have included head injuries. like I've said he's been tested for most things including epilepsy, all the so called medical profe...
just wanted to know if anyone else is a carer for someone with cluster B.
Just wanted to share a video me and my husband made about mental health. ... video.html
almost lost it big time at the doctors today, the stupid reception lady told my husband to walk up a flight of stairs. When my husband said to her I don't think I can manage the stairs she giggled and said just take your time...WTF doesn't end there my ...
Thank you all, the lady from action for family carers has given me some info on some course that are for carers.
thanks for the info, I will def look into that.
Yes I have looked at st johns and they are just too far away.

Hi guys I was thinking of doing a first aid course. do you know of any course around Essex or online courses for care givers (unpaid).

thanks guys