mine; was feeling low when joined, looked out window and sun was just setting hence the name.
thanks bowlingbun just needed to here that.
<t>not sure where to post this.<br/> fil moved to wales didnt want to move with us o dear feel this may go on a bit.<br/> as yet now word when move with hubbys work. now as far as we were told sil would be looking after him. so for they been on holiday in past 4 months about 4 weeks and few weekends...
hi welcome to forum
hi just wanted to welcome you to forum
hi welcome to forum good place to chat.
hi just wanted to say welcome to forum
leave it to others to help money wise
hi welcome to forum rant away this is place for it
we all need to at some point
hi just wanted to say welcome
hi welcome to forum will get lots help here, leave it to those in know