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<t>Your post really struck a chord with me. I look after my 90 year old Dad who has multiple health problems; like your Mum he has not got dementia though does get a little confused especially when tired / poorly. It is the tedium that gets me down as well - if lunch is ten minutes late it is an eve...
<t>I care because of a combination of love and duty. I am lucky in that I came to caring relatively late in life so have been able to have a rewarding career before choosing to give up my job to care full time. I am also very lucky in that my husband works from home so I'm able to slip out for a sho...
<t>Hi Ringty,<br/> <br/> Really good to hear how well you are coping. I think that you are right about wanting to go into work at the moment for the social side. Rather than attend a formal hearing would it be worth writing to explain the problems you had; it might just make it easier for the next p...
Many congratulations Alison. Your good news has brightened up a very rainy Sunday morning. Enjoy him.

<t>Dear Ringty,<br/> <br/> So sorry to hear about your mum's death. I lost my mum a year ago and still miss her dreadfully. Time has helped though as I hope it will for you.<br/> <br/> I'm sure your mum appreciated all the care you gave her. Don't forget that flu really takes it out of you and try t...
<t>Dear Kitty,<br/> <br/> You are having a really rough time so it is important to get advice before giving your job up. Have you consulted your union for advice? One possibility would be going for early retirement due to ill health. Don't go back to work until you are feeling better - they will man...
<t>Hi Cheryl,<br/> <br/> I'm also looking after my Dad after Mum's death. When I applied for carer's allowance money appeared in my bank account about three weeks after I applied but it was another week before I received a letter telling me about it. <br/> <br/> Hope you hear soon.<br/> <br/> Alliso...
My Dad has found the "Soxon sock aid" more or less works. It can be purchased from:
http://www.benefitsnowshop.co.uk/shop/s ... 0&area=585

You could also try covering the plastic one with some terry towelling to give it more grip.

Hope this helps.

Many thanks for all the advice. We are now able to go ahead and get one.


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My Dad needs to buy a lightweight, folding wheelchair for occasional use. So far he has found the wheelchairs we've hired for him to be very uncomfortable. Has anyone any advice on what would be a good buy?