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It just goes to show - I think they need to change the rules for people who have no children - so that other carers can be better off - working or not!
AAWW thanks - well it just goes to show you can be a single parent with disabled kids and still have a job!!!!
<t>Just a little hope I can give to some of you I hope, I know there are a lot of you who cannot work... and Ive been dying to get back into work for ages - as a lot of you know Ive two children with disabilities.<br/> <br/> Two weeks ago I went to the job centre for a 'better off assessment' to see...
If someone has a social worker appointed is it possible to just ignore them? What could be the implications? what about the other way round? we appear to be being ignored by social services. they came round in january referred us for occupational therapy said that appointment would be about 6 wks a...
Thanks will do x
I just wondered if direct payments could be used to cover the cost of Rory's football club which he goes to weekly and is £22.50 for 5 sessions, as Rory is now on DLA middle care rate and lower mobility rate....how do I go about this????
and I wasnt asking for details - I was just forming an opinion on what you had already written and at the end of the day we are all entitled to an opinion and freedom of speach arent we?????
well I am sorry - you are correct I said you, but like I just said what I meant to say was your father - and Im sorry for upsetting you - I was only trying to help there's no need to get defensive and unreasonable...
redfang - I would if I had the money!!!!!
i meant for your father!!!!