So, where do we find the official position, if they've expressed one?
Looking after family carers, showing them a bit more respect and not putting them in impossible situations whilst caring and when caree dies or goes into nursing home seems a good and cheaper option if taxes and health & safety complications can be ironed out.
To entice more people into caring as a job and away from other jobs, conditions, benefits, wages and society's perception of caring surely need to improve, dramatically. But still you need the right temperament to be any good. The Powers that be might get positive outcome by making it easier for fam...
Shall be interested to see how they are going to raise the image of caring as a career choice. Are they going to plough additional funds into the sector? It'll take a lot!
Tend to agree with Jenny. Having lived with a Parkinson's diagnosis for over 20 years and attending PD support groups for years, you and your husband have little, if any, time or energy to provide care for your mother. At some point she needs to have an assessment from her LA and have external carers.
Time to call the locksmith in to change the locks!
Thanks Chris. Any better now? We shall see....
I'd ask for all the care help you can get from the local authorities before quitting work to be a carer. You'lll see from the various posts here that caring can be all consuming, highly demanding, isolating, demoralizing and thankless!
Perhaps my post's title is limiting responders to Londoners, there being no problems elsewhere. More likely, we are all just resigned to the disabled not being properly accommodated all too frequently. I needed to make a couple of London Tube journeys in the last few weeks. Apparently the exit from ...
Mum's bed went downstairs in the living room, commode and hoist in the hallway. It was pretty tight!