After mum's good progress with the physical therapist, she has received a diagnosis of uterine cancer. The multidisciplinary treatment team is waiting for biopsy results before deciding on treatment options. One registrar told mum that a total hysterectomy was needed with chemo and or radiotherapy b...
As someone with a PD diagnosis, I find this appalling. PD is a progressive, degenerative neurological disorder for which there is no cure. How can people qualify one year and then be deemed ineligible the next? Shame on them!
Just doing some browsing about preparing for surgery and came across some references to oral and topical zinc in healing of ulcers. Here's a summary of an article from imperial college , London, in 2007 seeming to favour topical application over oral intake.
Frankly, two reasons. The care was what was set up for mum initially. Second is cost. What mum has right now is costing £24000 a year at £9.40 an hour. I've heard figures of anything from £15 to £23 an hour. I would rather have the negotiation power of the council working on mum's side. Besides we a...
Just been reading the post about top up fees and it prompted my post today. Dealing with the local council is difficult because you're dealing with them in isolation. I'd like to see what your LA is doing. Once we actually receive a contract of care with the LA (subject of other posts!), mum will be...
Ditto what Suzieq said. The indoor (lawn) bowling club I play at have several members who use wheelchairs. I think some players use their own wheelchairs and the club as a couple of chairs which other players use
Thank you for your replies. Mum laughed at being called a zimmer shuffler!

She hasn't used the sit to stand hoist for a week now.

So much for the occupational therapist in the hospital telling me that mum's care team thought mum would never walk again......
Is it time to escalate your compliant higher up the corporation?

If this is severely impacting your dad, his health and quality of life, and you've given the care home sufficient time to address the concern and have this all documented, would a safeguarding case be appropriate?
Yes bb, a short shuffle across the living room of an unmodified 1930s semi from chair to bed to commode. She did manage a trip out to the hallway last week, with a wheelchair behind her in case she needed it.

I was delighted when the physical therapist said I could watch over mum.
In my experience of using noise cancelling headphones, they work well for background constant noise like humming or engine noise. from aircraft but would probably not do much for sound from the neighbour's TV.