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Hi there As someone who has suffered from clinical depression for years. As a teenager I spent most of my time suicidal and in the pits of despair. It must be so hard caring for your son. To me you seem to be doing brilliantly. Is your son suffering from clinical depression? This causes physical pai...
Hi there
I can fully understand why you were upset. I shouldn't comment without knowing all the facts. I usually only stop speaking to change feet in my mouth x x
<t>Hi there <br/> I too am sorry you are upset x. Sadly some people will never understand mental illness we can do little to change that. Even though we can talk openly about it some just don't want to know the facts! All I can say is if someone says something hurtful about our children , however ol...
Hi there

One day like this... Elbow
Sit down......... James
No surprises ...... Radiohead
<t>Hi there jenny <br/> Thank you for that I wish I had seen that episode ! Why aren't we taken seriously or taken notice of, we who care? The number of people diagnosed with new forms of old illnesses, what's happening???? It's good to talk to others who are not only carers but also CARE thanks eve...
Hi there tracie
I know love its hell! I am there too so you're not alone. I know that doesn't make you feel any better but it's true. I aren't in a good place tonight . So I'll be thinking of you x .
<t>Hi tracie<br/> Don't give up love! It's a long uphill struggle and most of the time we feel like its pointless. But we have got to be heard somewhere ! If one of us gives up we might as well throw in the towel-- we fight together all who suffer -- so that one day we will be taken seriously . Keep...
Hi there tracie
Let's hope that things go better for you this time. I will be thinking about you . X
Hi there tracie
Glad to hear. X . Keep us posted as to how you go on.
Hi there tracie
As long as your coping strategy doesn't harm you. If you are feeling bad talk it out on here. We are all suffering one way or another so we can try to understand one another.Just don't stop talking. There are lots of us listening. X