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From https://www.nhschcscandal.co.uk/post/appeal-referred-for-allocation Appeal Referred for Allocation Further to our update on 11 October 2021, our legal team has hastened our submission and we have received confirmation that our appeal has been referred for allocation to a judge for determination...
Did anyone catch the Channel 4 news tonight, Monday 11th October? I just came across the below on the Crowdfunder.... Rear Admiral Philip Mathias on Channel 4 News Philip Mathias will be appearing on Channel 4 News this evening (11 October 21) to talk about the Continuing Healthcare scandal. The pro...
From: https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/the-nhs-continuing-healthcare-scandal/ Update 13/9/2021 We are still awaiting a decision Just to let you know that we are still waiting for the Appeals Judge to make a decision as to whether approval will be given for the Judicial Review to proceed. In the mea...
Oh that’s terrible! When you’ve gone to the trouble of reporting issues and then they get disregarded! It’s worth bearing in mind in future that “good “ probably counts for nothing! It is terrible David and really annoyed me when I read the report. One day I arrived to visit Mum and the owner came ...
Please share + support the following Campaign I came across via the CHC Campaign Twitter feed;

Seeking Justice For My Mum - Victim Of Abuse And Failed By The State
https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/inque ... tic-abuse/
Is CQC a Government body? That would explain why they don't operate as they make out. People don't need obfuscation, they need common decency for what they stand for... Looks like, like most agencies; they've really lost touch with being a 'service' to society.
What is the point of CQC's existence, than to have as much bureaucracy to protect themselves and the very agencies they falsely rate? Too much fakery around, when it's the most vulnerable in society that they have all the freedom to abuse.....what goes round will bite 'em good 'n' proper where needed.
Penny wrote:
Fri Aug 20, 2021 8:31 pm
Have a look at this


Eileen Stubbs was a whistleblower and still passionate about care of the elderly.
I contacted Eileen Stubbs a very long time ago, she wasn't interested.
I've managed to have the courage to email the CQC about the myriad of problems the Care Agency have caused since 2015, including damage to my Mum's belongs/property; where the Care Manager insists is 'wear + tear', yeah; deliberate wear + tear. Also about the problems the local authority have caused...
It's the copper cabling that's being fazed out - not landlines per se. https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/58233766 Thanks for that Susieq, I managed to ask one of the Openreach engineers around my Mum's area where they seem to be around at every road there. They said 'not to get too het up about it' a...