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Thanks Bowlingbun - I'll contact them today and will let you know.
bowlingbun wrote:In that case make a Subject Access Reequest to the association asap, asking for details of everything they have on file about you, URGENTLY.
Thanks Chris, my case is the same as John. It was originally a joint tenancy with my parents. My dad sadly passed away within 9 months of us moving here and my mum became the sole tenant. I enquired a few years ago (2009) with the housing association as my mum was worried about what would happen sho...
Thank you Susieq, I will contact the advice line tomorrow as I think it's closed over the weekend. Really appreciate this. xx I suggest that you contact the Carers UK Adviceline team as they are the experts on all matters related to caring and benefits. They will be able to advise you on what to do ...
Thank you Bowlingbun, I spoke with them today, left details and they will get back to me. I've had sleepless nights since receiving the letter, miss my mum so much and feel emotionally tired : ( xx
bowlingbun wrote:Do NOT move out until forced to do so. Speak to Shelter as soon as possible.
Thank you Jenny for the taking the time to read this post, and giving me encouraging advice and helpful tip, I will try and repost this in the other thread as you mention and will email Carers UK too. xx
I recently lost my sweet mum three weeks ago and still in shock. I had been my mum's main carer (unpaid) and she was with me. I feel really sad, lost without her - we shared so many lovely memories together despite her Parkinson's Disease and Rhemutoid Arthertis. I miss our morning routines, brushin...