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Would love a hoilday but although I feel it sometimes I'm not over 50 lol

Good luck to all those carers you get it
<t>It has then work out for you George at the time you needed, but in the next big town to our rural area has a Docters that deals with a large number of people going through its doors and has been the subject and rumoers may I add off been turned into that type of a clinic we have had people alread...
<t>I would have to say I'm againest them as our GP know all about Christopher and his needs and Mine as a carer they trust me as a mother and they hear what I say, that is qualitys I belive I would lose in a Poly Clinic as they would be dealing with a bigger area.<br/> <br/> I can't see a problem wi...
Hi All if you want a laugh and get UTV live at 3.30pm watch it lol

we did an interview it was about young carers so we where asked as my eldest lad is a young carer.
I was as nervous as anything but I hope it show the work young carers do

Could get it but dad wont have it. Image
I hear that from alot of carers
Thinking of you
Vent away Cheryl
What about restbite can you get it where you are, and if yes would your dad allow anyone to stay with him???

<t>Brillant sites Liz <br/> <br/> My eldest lad help me look after his Brother and he also help care for me when my own pains stopped me doing my caring role. <br/> He was bullied something awfal at school but never told me or his dad as he didn't want us to worry, it was other parents and kids that...
Incapacity Benefit claimants also lose out under the overlapping benefit rules, too sick or old to be expected to work but still expected to provide care 24/7 Image .
This is the one a fall under
Thank You Rosemary

I'm O.K I have my good days and bad just like everyone else I guess lol, I just got mad tis morning .......... well I think my post says it

Hope your well yourself

<t>Opps sorry rosmary I didn't see this thread I starting one too on this subject I was outrage not just on what these Paid workers did but the fact that they where caller Carers giving us Carers a bad name<br/> <br/> Bernie <br/> <br/> P.S Rosemary do you need me to delete my thread??? as you have ...