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thank you yes she has been getting family fund since she was a baby i can reapply in a few weeks i have been thinking of going Dr's as i know im not coping and today has made me realize i can't carry on just waiting x
<t>thank you so much today i got good new Rhianna hasn't got loey-diez syndrome but now they don't know what syndrome she has , so they want to put her in the unknown syndrome group , im not sure how much more fighting i can do , i so wish i could run away with her and ignore it all but i know i can...
it's scary very scary .. x
thank you i think my friends and family see me as coping so it's hard to take off the happy face i put on but that face face keeps me going x
that's disgusting i read when i just had my daughter a couple aborted there baby coz it had a cleft pallet me and my daughter have a cleft pallet , it worries me what the government will come up with next x
<t>it would have been my mum's birthday today she died 12 years ago , my Daughter's appointment for her scoliosis is in January and i just feel so alone . my sister called me this morning to see if i was ok and as usual i said yes we used to be so close but every time i try to talk she'll just say m...
thankyou all so much for the welcome i look forward to chatting too you all x


<t>hi my name is Linda im a carer for my daughter Rhianna she's 14yrs old , we both have cleft pallets and pierre robin sequence but Rhianna has scoliosis and hyper mobility and a fragmented sleep pattern also , we take her addenbrookes every six months on our last visit we was told she will need th...