You deserve this break .i would go on your sister will be popping in im sure she can make sure hes coping is too short not to do things for slowly learning this myself
My granny was in the same predicament and asked for female carers as of her incontinenxe and the care conpamy was happy to obligise
Hi :-??? abit lost here now lol.i think alot others might be too
I would just like to post an update following the value advise n guidance things are so go well with my granny .instead of being bogged down with all the dutys.i protitised everything seen maself as care manager instead of care giver.and have had the most wonderful 2 weeks visiting her sitting chatt...
I have seem something like this for men users abit similar where the person is imobile was sort of like a can thing.ok for users younger but not sure if some eldery could use themselves so thats good they are going to let her try it out before granny has the permanent cathether
The only thing i can think of it could be is a night time catheter bag which my granny has on as shes bed bound .the carers put it on at their last call at 7pm then call at 9am bag is emptyied .its attached to side of bed and drained in the mornings with overnights content. Although ask nurse what i...
It happened to me yesterday said i couldnt reply to the subject.just testing to see if i can reply to this
Aw we are very fortunate then susieq we have this facilty.keeps us away from hospitals.our gps surgery has alot of services treatment rooms so dont realise how lucky we are getting that service if its not available in other areas.saves long hosp appointments or visits.
Our gps have a nurse sitting on a wednesday doing can make an appoinntment.i was in and out within 10 mins had results 2 days you have to go to hospital for this blood test?
Thats is so sad thinking of that lady.bless there no way your friend could ring the hospital she was discharged from and ask for sister in charge of ward she was discharged from and see has she got a care package comissioned and if not make an urgent refreel to social services just incase thi...