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i currently get mortgage interest payments and will have to reapply if changing from my income support. Thanks guys. I will call a broker today
Hey, i know that. My bank, who i bank with, gave me the same story. Not employed. Won't look at me.
HI ALL By way of information and also a question of help. We, as carers know how tight living can be. I have, over the past few months, received letters from my mortgage company, GE Money, informing and telling me of ways to save money on my mortgage, saving if i consolidate debts (have none), get ...
Thank you
<t>Hi All<br/> <br/> As you all know, caring is so tough. The money that we are entitled to can not support a family of 6. DOes anyone have any advice for one who wishes to become self employed? I want to open a community shop. Very convenient to home. I have no idea what to do and government agenci...
Your help is appreciated and i will call on Wednesday
Hi John i was all applied for before i claimed but they want to be nitpicky. What can you apply for from council?
I borrowed £20k ontop of my mortage to make home improvements to my home to aid my wife. IS refuse to pay the interest on the £2ok but will on the rest. They say i have not enough evidence, they never asked for it nor visited my home, any advice on my appeal to this?

<t>HI<br/> <br/> My wife's CPN says that it is necessary for her to put our children into daycare to help her out. As i am a carer for her and do not work anymore, it means that i will have to foot the bill of the children being cared for (£3 per hour, £48 per day) so that my wife can go to da...
<t>I hope this helps. I have been waiting for 6 months to receive CA. Wow, what a struggle, as they were about to give me it they asked about education that i had informed them about. My course is 15 hours per week, regarded as full time education by the college. According to the government you can ...