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Can anyone tell me what I should expect from a Carer's Assessment specific to mental healt? I'm getting no-where fast!

Mind are doing the best they can. However, It would seem that our local social services are reluctant to give me a Carers Assessment. despite the crises team putting in for a referral, mind requesting & our local carer's charity. I'm so stressed by it all!
I forgot to add, that the bed sheets he was intending to use, are now sitting in a black bin bag as I cannot bear to have them on our bed!
<t>Hello<br/> <br/> As some of you have kindly responded to my post Just a rant, I thought I would see if there is anyone else out there who has experienced what I appear to be going through?<br/> <br/> My Husband intended on hanging himself last Monday (New Year's Eve) after I had gone to work. Luc...
Thanks for listening! Hope you have a lovely Christmas! K

My Husband is on Lithium, I underdstand where you are coming from. If he does not drink much, what about foods that are high in water content? Just another way of keeping the fluids going.

Just an idea


<t>Hi<br/> <br/> I am Carer to my Husband who sufferes with Depression, and is currently over coming Venlafaxine withdrawal and starting on Moclobomide.<br/> <br/> My Rant is I just seem to be left to get on with it. By that I mean I get a phone call from the inlaws this morning as " Just checking t...
Interesting that you mention Tryptophan, my Husband's Consultant wanted to prescribe that but it's been withdrawn. I will look at the food list. I fully appreciate the link between stress & pain etc. I've had CBT myself for pain control. Guess I'm low at the moment

K aren
We both see the same GP. He warned me recently that I need to look after myself as I have unexplained inflammation in blood tests. My Husband was with me when I was told that.

<t>My Husband is under the local mental health trust. Currently he is on Lithium but is withdrawing from Venaflaxin to go on another anti depressants. His Consultant says he has low serotonin hense the change. He has tried CBT, but his Consultant doesn't feel that to be appropriate at the moment. My...