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First I heard was letter yesterday. Thank you BB for all your help in the Summer A has settled in well and seems to be liking it there :)
My brother with Severe Learning Disabilities used to go for three days a week (Hampshire). He is now living in a care home but had a letter yesterday from where he used to go to respite that they are merging with one at Fareham for the near future and everyone is going there which would have meant a...
Yes I meant over 75's he is 78 on PC
Thanks :)
I have had a letter for my brother this morning asking him to pay for his free Over 70 TV Licence he is now in a Care Home, I phoned and it seems he might have to pay for TV in his room. He might have to pay £7.50 or full amount depending on the Care Home I am waiting to hear back
I thought it was a bit much
Hi I visited my Brother on Thurs (garden visit 15 mins) and the Care Assistant said all visits had been cancelled the day before because of weather, I said what happens to visits in the Winter? She said who knows we might go back to no visits if the Government advises :( She wasn't really allowed to...
I am the sister of a 78 year old brother with Learning disabilities. You are doing the right thing reassuring her that she will not need to look after your son, possibly show her that you are making plans and what will happen. My Mother was not like this she insisted from a young age that as I was t...
Hi my brother (78) has been in Hospital after a fall he was tested before discharge for respite to a care home at the hospital
Thank you it is good to talk to someone :)