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Hello, i am Cornwall, right near St Ives, just wondered where you all live and are there any others in my neck of the woods?????
:) thank you Jenny and Raun, yes we struggle here in Cornwall, there seems to be no help for sufferers like us, i have tried, the nearest centre is Plymouth, which is 2hrs away from us. Dr is not really bothered, he recommends different meds, but all give more problems, so hubby steers clear. hubby ...
p.s Jenny, i would consider having different opinions around the UK, but money is very limited and we could not afford that
thank you Jenny, well, yes we have tried all aspects, pain clinic, tens machine, chiro for 2 years, yes we have tried, nothing seems to work and makes things a lot worse, he was seem by a specalist in Cornwall, who did say that an op would leave hubby worse and would prob be wheelchair bound ,so the...
i have just read the 'help and advice page'about claiming carers allowance, i don't think i am eligible as we are both pensioners :roll: :roll:
i am glad i found this post, yes hubby has had this for years, it has gradually got worse and i was told by our Dr that it is a severe form of artheritis too.
thanks for your reply, :) yes i am happy with the outcome, but i feel more people should be eligible for carer's, in our role as carers, who give up such a vast ammount of time, to their loved one, should be able to claim this benefit? i care 24/7 for hubby, as i'm sure a lot more of you do to, it's...
thank you ,yes i will, i think i can claim carers as hubby has been awarded standard rate PIP?
i do everything for him, ????
can anyone tell me, can i get carers allowance for my partner, i have been awarded PIP
thank you, yes i gather there are a lot of people in my situation, its not easy at all.
but at least i can chat to a few of you on here, ;)