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If nothing else works adequately, I would tend to disregard the District Nurses "ban" as being unworkable and unmanageable.
How do Social Workers gain agreement from elderly home owners who are dead set against moving from their own home?

On a separate issue, the standard of care homes differs widely.
How do you choose a good one?
What software or "Forum provider" are they on?

The Google Bots that stalk this Forum may know the answer :roll:
It also helps to obtain the list of criteria and how many points that you get for different levels of ability, and what aids you may need with preparing meals, washing etc.
I have never had to deal with that exact problem, but couldn't you just improvise, say by putting newspapers or old blankets under the bed sheets.

Some relatives of mine would stockpile buckets of urine under the bed. I don't know why they did that :(
Whatever the NHS or Local Authority protocols or Standards Frameworks prescribe ( at great length and great detail) The practitioners Nurses, Doctors, Social workers delivering service at grass roots level regularly take "short cuts" and will omit vital elements from their delivery. The survey was g...
It is not appropriate advice to say "avoid the PIP casino like the plague" :o For some people PIP is the only game in town.

Many claimants get a very fair and honest assessment by the "assessor" and by the DWP decision maker.
A lot of people are co-carers. In other words in some families several people have some disabilities but are able to mutually care for each other.
National Insurance "stamps" were supposed to pay for "benefits"
Sorry. I hadn't grasped all the points that you made in your original post. What arrangement had SS made when mum first went to the respite care home. Did they estimate what length of time she would be expected to stay in the respite home? Could your mum and dad self fund any more time in respite ho...