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Sounds as though you are in a similar boat... we edge along the river never too sure what is around the next bend.
When I read the 7 stages of Dementia, Mum has most definitely reached stage 4 , strayed into stage 5, but is also incontinent with a nasty personality change which is stage 6. Is this possible? I am confused!
If you ever find out let us know. Ours is demented, depressed and wants us all to join her I think! Also nasty... then says she is lonely as nobody wants to visit her.
Hi Melly She is refusing completely to get out of bed and walk. She will not walk to the toilet ensuite, and wants nothing to do with the other people as they are 'below' her...she says. She has morphine patches for the pain, plus pain killers and sprays. She has no intention of walking as she wants...
My Mum has recently had a fall and required a new hip. After the op the doctor came to see her when I was there, and told her she needed to walk on it and embed it in, and she would be out with in 5 days. That was 11 days ago, and now she has been moved to rehab as she will not get out of bed and wa...
Thank you to everybody who has replied; firstly for taking the time to be interested and secondly for all your advice; quite a bit to think about. I am very grateful to you all. :)
Hi everybody. I am a part time carer for my elderly mum; she lives with my sister who works full time and her husband, who doesn't work. I look after her a couple of mornings a week, a day a weekend and take her for her hospital and other appointments. In between I try and work part time on a zero h...