I have auntie got the mental age of 6 year old and cerable palsy any one else deal with both as I struggle find groups activity and help if someone got both physical and mentel difficulties
How do I get reassessment care needs done
I don't have a life I work 12 hour a week care for my auntie and mam not well im still live at home so cook clean no life any one else feel like this
I'm a 25 year old who been caring for around 10 years now. It so hard and effects me both socially and finacualy I can't afford to move out and really affects my mental health
I care for my auntie with cp as well as serious learning difficulties where she can't live independly without assistants. She live along but with a lot of help l. I work as a carer as well as carer for her my job not flexible I struggling with getting time for all her appointments doctors hospital t...
I ended up caring for my aunt full time when my grandmother died I was only 15 I had little help them but from age of 19 till now 25 all me it hard and some days I struggle so much I cry but who else do it if I don't but I have full time job now so don't no what I going to do I need to win the lottery
Thanks that helpfull
I can't get careers allowance but she take up about 40 hours of my week making appointments taking her to appointments bills shopping cooking cleaning I can't cope much longer I work part time 10 to 15 hours a week but don't earn enough if I get full time job what happen to her if she can't even get...
45 and when the special boarding school my grandmother died and cant find any information regarding her schooling or statement of special Ed
I care for a family member have been since a child. My auntie have cerabl palsy and learning difficulties she been refused pip her learning difficulties not really documented but they are serious she can't read or write need help shopping, cleaning, money, cooking est how do I get learning disabilit...