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It gave me a feeling of Peace and stopped me worrying.
In the last ten years when two aunties have been in either Hospital or a Nursing Home, when it looked like they were near the end of the road, I asked the staff to request the Hospital Chaplain in the one case, or the local Vicar, to attend. I believe that helped my two relatives, and it also helped...
I am sorry to have to say this, but it seems to me that the preferred method for medical services to support families that have one member with a serious and potentially life threatening mental illness, is to follow the Mushroom method with the spouse and children. That is: Keep you in the Dark, and...
The problem or difficulty that I encountered, was that my two Aunties lived on Merseyside England, and I lived in a different county in Wales. I didn't know whether I was supposed to get help from the Local Authority where I lived, or from the local authority where my Aunties lived. That problem pro...
One other scenario would be if the caree was "sectioned" or posed a danger to the safety of other
residents of the property?
I know that Humour is the best medicine, but this happens to often for it to be funny to most of us.

Anyway, If you find the owner of the home doing something naughty with Matron in an empty room score 100 points.
Ask his GP or the Ward staff if he can be prescribed Stronger pain killers, I suggest.
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It has been quiet on here today, :!:

Is your partner still in Hospital or is he back at home already?
When did they last go to school or College?
Was it "Flip Out" where they have had many accidents reported, with customers injuring themselves quite severely?