Ron you should check for if they received it or not, there are procedures to fulfill. Good Luck!!
Hi rosemary thanks for sharing but i am afraid it only provide limited perspective...
Hi Colin, welcome to the community. Everyone here has a story to share, so keep posting and wish you all the best.
Hey Vicky, thanks for sharing the helpful link.
Hi Harry, welcome to the community. Things will not be as you wanted them so, i suggest the cares helpline will be the best to guide you in this regard.
Congratulations Mary, for securing CHC. You surely made a right decision for him.
I can relate to your concerns, after all the hard work treated as slaves. These policies are never been sustainable if implemented and i prefer not to vote them
Yes definatley, if you are taking insurance means have to pay extra. It also depends upon the car you are using is yours or you hired it for the purpose.
This loneliness is weakening him from inside, as mention by jenny bereavement counselling is essential for him. Other than that try to converse of cherishable moments you were together Good Luck!!
Sometimes, no matter what you do.. have the labels or not things get lost but engravement sounds like good idea to me