My 14 year old grandson is with me. Football fanatic and very good. He's just shown me the pilates he started. Had a go at the first 2 excercises. I thought it would make him laugh. It didn't! He said he's very impressed. I'm going to do these every day, then he can show me the next exercises. I wi...
Everyone who takes care of their elderly loved ones, go through that.
It's called caregiver's burden. Based on my experience, those families who rotate on taking care of their loved ones don't experience this as much as those who do it by themselves.
I thought this was about the TV Show because I loved that show.
For me, it's not Christmas when I'm not with family.
Let me play the jealous girl if this were a movie scene :
"Oh my! Those are some beautiful......
nails you got there"

nails not the rocks(diamonds)
You can do it guys.
I went through the same thing, it was really really hard at first but I overcame it.
Just a combination of exercising daily and watching what you eat.
oh come on guys! Don't you know that a certain Nigerian prince is so generous he will give you $10,000 as long as you send him $100 first. lol
I'm new here.
I decided to join so I can learn through the forums.
Thank you.
Hello everyone, I would like to ask your advice so I can suggest a good power wheelchair for my friend.
Her budget is below $3k.
Since most of you here are already experienced, which among the power wheelchairs here would you consider the best buy?

Thanks in advance everyone.