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There's always fors and against for any date.

We could have slogans like Care for Carers this Christmas, Caring Doesn't Stop at Christmas,
It's Not Just Turkeys That Dread Christmas Image
. parsifal wrote what sort of society thinks that it's perfectly acceptable to deny those in need the services they require? What sort of government arranges and delivers such poor quality social care? What sort of government infers that many of the ill, disabled and elderly are irresponsable sponge...
Hi Trish and welcome.
I'm a carer for my mum too, she is 87, and is very similar to yr mum.
Good days and bad, Image as Krys says a lot of us feel its a daily struggle.
Good people here, very helpful and supportive.

Cheryl x
. A few months ago after a carers assessment I was refered to Age Concern. This was because the Carer Support Officer thought it would be a good idea for myself and my mother to have a person from Age Concern to "befriend" my mother. As in some volunteer will come to visit my mother for a 1-2 hrs pe...
. People like yourself George, who have drawn down their pensions early, and are carers, it seems wrong to me that your pension is "counted". I think you should be paid (as the system is now) top up benefits with your pension disregarded. Just like carers who have savings, or sell their homes, the e...
. Lol John I dunno http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_confused.gif I was only 12 then http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_biggrin.gif I don't remember what I would have been interested in , but it def wouldn't have been who was visiting downing street http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_lol.gif .
<t>.<br/> This New Labour gov knows that it has alienated a lot of its "usual" voters the working class people, I reacon they are trying to attract the votes of the "higher middle and upper class votes" to do this they have adopted a lot of conservative based policies? It reall y comes to mind becau...
[quote]"Question 23]

There just aren't enough bullets for who ever dreamt up this question Image
. That an interesting point you raise about the DLA Sandie. So in a round about way you are using the DLA to provide help for you, so you can continue to help your husband, sounds like a good plan to me. http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_biggrin.gif The problem some carers have is that their caree...
. Litter picking and cleaning off graffitti used to be done by offenders as part of their community service. It was chosen as something that offenders could do that didn't involve direct personal contact with the public. Nowadays there are so many health and safety rules a lot of LA have to use empl...