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Dementia and loss of hearing can be caused by hypoxia. At the same time, victims may suffer vision loss, fatigue, loss of immunity to infection and reduced appetite. In elderly people, the windpipe and lungs may shrink and cause hypoxia. During sleep, they may stop breathing a few times and awake qu...
Oh David. Not demeaning your theory but I wish it was just that! Yesterday I was at a friend's helping her with a little job. Her neighbour brought doughnuts round. Lovely and fresh. I should have said no thank-you. Should have but didn't. That's why I struggle. The consumption of cream doughnuts w...
Overweight people need to increase their oxygen intake. This can be done by deep breathing so that the lungs are expanded. Diets for weight loss are pure nonsense.
I see your dad has some kidney failure in addition to dementia. He might benefit by using an oxygen concentrator or by attending a clinic where he can get some HBOT. The house seems to be one where the air inside it may be devoid of oxygen. If so then the dementia is likely to worsen during periods ...
Hi All Ive just signed on to the site this afternoon and wonder if anyone might be able to offer any advice with what due to become a critical issues with the repatriation of my father from France who following numerous medical issues appears to be now suffering from what by all the research i have...
dave_1701 wrote:Hello, sorry to hear your story its very hard. My wife has ms and its affected her brain she is 65 next month, anyway hope you can take care. Kind Regards Dave.

Your wife may benefit from HBOT. I will try to insert a link.

Jayne_16101 wrote:Hello I'm new to this site , joined a few weeks ago .
I'm my husbands carer he has Parkinson's ...and just wanted to say hello :)
Hi Jayne.
If you can top-up your husbands blood with some extra oxygen then his condition may improve.