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Jas, I have been through similar and it is true you should look to your own well being first. Please find help from your religion support people or your GP and focus on getting well. Only then can you be strong enough to offer some help to Mum. You do not have to give all you have to being a carer, ...
Thanks everyone, helpful advice for me to think about

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has experience of using shared lives service in place of residential care? How does it work and how to access this?

Thanks in advance

There is no way this is acceptable, a proper assessment should be made to get someone down stairs, not expect staff or family to muddle through. What if there was an accident , heaven forbid. The care home owners should have sorted this out a long time Ago, have you approached social services or the...
Hi, yes I have my own place so mums will have to be sold to pay for her care, I spoke to a solicitor about this and have to get it on the market to get the best price.

Thanks everyone for your support

Thanks everyone, this is what I thought really, I will confirm with the solicitor. Obviously it is mums and she deserves to obtain the best price possible. Families, never a dull moment!!!!

Hi I would welcome some advice, I am thinking of selling mums property now she is in residential care. A family member has asked about buying the place but would want a very good deal in terms of paying as little as possible. As power of attorney I am sure I would be expected to get the best price t...
This is disgraceful, there is no excuse for not providing care which is clearly needed. I hope you can get some help with this, I had the same when mum was discharged from hospital recently. I told them I couldn't give the care and they put in some temporary support. The problem is people will be ad...
Hi Faye, it may be useful to email your local councillor or MP, they usually can get through to social services quite quickly, this situation is wrong. The duty of care does apply to the agency, they have to provide care if it has been assessed. Very upsetting and frustrating for you, hope you get h...
Thanks everyone, I am going to refuse as you say, I am not able to help mum as she has unresolved mental health issues which they will not recognise or address. I am left to deal with her outburst and aggression but I can't carry on any longer.

I will be strong,