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You could try contacting them to try get an explanation but I personally would go straight to mandatory reconsideration, easier if you can get CAB to help.

Hey peeps

My mum been in care home since Aug.

Been told only essential visits (which kind of means no visits for me) as coronavirus will 'kill patients' in EMI unit.

Overreaxtion or not?!
Recently had this situation. Felt obliged to give finding a personal carer through direct payments a go. Working out better than agy but as could only find one for five mornings meaning I am having to do more. Not sure how sustainable that is if am honest. :unsure:
Take it you have this in writing? Should offer you right to mandatory reconsideration?

Seems clear DWP aren't going change mind without going through formal process.
Answer is yes you can, I was claiming both until my New style ESA claim exhausted earlier in month. Question is, though, is it worth it? Difference between CA and New Style ESA is now 6.95 a week. So this is what you will get (as you have declare you are claiming CA) initially in assessment rate of ...
Have you thought of applying for ESA (contributory/New Style) too if you are eligible (sufficient NI contributions last two years) I get both CA and a small New Style ESA top up (as still in assessment phase) But if you could stand the dreaded assessment after 13+ weeks thenn got placed in support g...
You have been badly advised on benefits, Tammy. While, like myself, you understandably do not want to apply for PIP, you would (once made redundant) be eligible to apply for New Style/Contributory ESA due to your NI contributions . ESA is worth slightly more than CA, in fact you could claim both and...
Assertiveness training? Certainly not a problem I have (!) but maybe useful. Places such as carers centre, mental health centre etc often have it running.
I take my hat off to you. I moan about my mum with mild/moderate dementia but that is nothing to what you are coping with. I am going to confine myself to work aspect, others will no doubt be along to talk 'directly' about your caring responsabilities. I wonder if you could go elsewhere nearby on oc...
Defo one for Carers UK advice line as it's quite complicated. Can someone supply contact details? Answering one of OP's queries, wonder if getting confused between ESA and CA? With ESA my understanding is that occupational sick pay/ssp has to be exhausted before ESA claim will be entertained (certai...