Equipment should be provided, free of charge via NRS, an arm of the NHS. It doesn't matter if someone is self funding or not
I used to get carers for mum around 7am (Canterbury, Kent) but was hit and miss. I empathize with your lack of sleep. Kind regards Nicholas x
Hello Faye. I've had experience with District Nurses (or community nurses) when looking after mum. You can tell how experienced she/he by their uniform ie dark blue are the most senior etc. In my experience all were polite and friendly but the level of experience varied every time. One nurse came to...
Hi. Have you tried Proshield Plus spray and Proshield cream? You can get it on prescription via your gp
Your posts are most informative Chris and is much appreciated, just like Bowlingbun. A shame about Jenny. Kind regards, Nicholas
4th April
Sorry to hear your news
Thank you Jacqueline.God speed to you and your mum
Thank you for your thoughts Bowlingbun. Yes I am making sure that I eat and sleep. Just returned and a quiche is in the oven, then I will go to bed. They unsedated mum, soon after my beloved sisters arrived this morning and took off the breathing apparatus early afternoon. As the consultant told us,...
Thank you Mrs Average. And Bowlingbun.To respond to your question, it was perindopril (for high blood pressure) that caused the severe allergic reaction. She'd been taking since May 2015. Then downhill from there. She had to go onto the breathing apparatus otherwise she would've choked to death. But...