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If you email the Carers uk helpline ,they should be able to advise you
Good evening. Have you tried rigging the council that is issuing the blue badge. There should be a helpline to ring if there isn't the right id requirements.I am sure its a common occurrence.
Kind regards Nicholas
Are there any local groups that you can join. I had this problem and joined a local running group, beginners through to expert runners, all ages and for men and women
Hi Natasha. Sorry to hear about your situation.I am certain more people will reply in the morning. Is there a personal department where you work or a union? You could be classed as "disabled by association ". I was in a similar situation with my mum. Do you have any siblings who could help? Kind reg...
CareCo are good. I bought several things from there, including a rise/recline
Equipment should be provided, free of charge via NRS, an arm of the NHS. It doesn't matter if someone is self funding or not
I used to get carers for mum around 7am (Canterbury, Kent) but was hit and miss. I empathize with your lack of sleep. Kind regards Nicholas x
Hello Faye. I've had experience with District Nurses (or community nurses) when looking after mum. You can tell how experienced she/he by their uniform ie dark blue are the most senior etc. In my experience all were polite and friendly but the level of experience varied every time. One nurse came to...
Hi. Have you tried Proshield Plus spray and Proshield cream? You can get it on prescription via your gp
Your posts are most informative Chris and is much appreciated, just like Bowlingbun. A shame about Jenny. Kind regards, Nicholas