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Hi David

That is a new word to me. I care for my husband, he has little awareness of how ill he is. Makes it tricky with his care.
It seems to be a common topic , but I'm reaching the end of my tether. It doesn't matter what I do , my wife just looks for things to complain about and get bad tempered . Nothing anyone does for her is right, nobody cares, everyone is against her. She objects to anyone enjoying themselves, refuses...
Hi and welcome

Please don't feel badly about yourself. Caring is difficult. I am sure you are doing a fine job.
So much to think about in this thread. Thanks for the wonderful sharing everyone.

My hubby can't eat much so I make him small and tasty little meals. I enjoy making them and planning them. I changed us both to smaller plates.
Many thanks for the wisdom shared here. My hubby gets depressed a lot. Very draining to be around. I have to step back or I will be pulled down.
Goodness me, what a fuss she is making about nothing. I have cream carpets too. I find visitors or trades people normally automatically leave their shoes in the porch as they come in.
I am planning nice quiet low-key time with hubby. Won't be buying in heaps of extra food, as we will only eat it and then regret it. I belong to a slimming club that encourages and supports my healthy eating. I really enjoy it both the social part and the actual eating plan. I am a slim and only a f...
Hi Danced in the rain

Thanks for the welcome. Glad to be here.
Hello Mrs Average Another great user name. I have been working the Al-anon program for about six years. Absolute game changer. Improved my life beyond belief. I highly recommend it to anyone with an alcoholic as a spouse, family member, friend, work colleague. Has given me the tools I needed for a p...
Great subject. I care for hubby.

I buy everything online. Makes life much easier.

Groceries is best of all. Fantastic.

Saves so much stress.