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Just sticking my nose in... :D I may be the one of the couple mentioned in an earlier post. I was a carer and active member of this site until my Mum died three years ago. I met and married the love of my life here and we are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary at the end of this month. The funn...

Christ knows I've cried a bit a river over the last few months... But, getting stronger everyday. You were always around for me fella from day one, and if you wanna chuck me a PM don't hesitiate mate...

<t>Sussex makes a good point. <br/> <br/> When I cared for Mum till she passed away before Christmas, sometimes I would get asked what I did for a living. When I told them I cared for my Mum, I might as well have said I was a leper carrying a bell around shouting "Unclean! Unclean!"<br/> <br/> Peopl...
It's so nice having a pair of love birds to remind me of lovely times gone by. Being in love is THE nicest thing in the world. So happy for you both.
Thanks bowling X. She really means the world to me. Image
Being with Ollie Image
Awww, shucks.. Right back at ya Indy XxX Image Image
You carried me through the worse Christmas of my life....XxX
Juneo, Gravity is supposed to be very good, even Mark Kermode http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolleyes.gif had to admit that it was spectacular in 3D. Can't get to the pics to see it as I can't leave Mum alone for to long... http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolleyes.gif http://www.carersuk.or...
Lol, Bowling it's OK don't fight it! Image Image
Indy! Thought you would've been a soft southerner like me?! Image
Good shout Farmer, Netflix have confirmed House Of Cards season 2 is due early next year.. Image