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Hi I am a carer for my Disabled Husband, & all of a sudden my Direct payment I get I fear has been stopped. So this means that I can no longer have any treatments eg a massage or Reflexology at all. I cant go out to work. My Disabled Husband gets a direct payment as hes severely sighted, but oh I c...
I hope many people will be going. Sadly we have a meeting that afternoon! Let's hope that Osbourne will not make our lives awful. Us carers give up our lives to carer and do above and beyond the call of duty. Regards Amanda h
hi God help us all! I fear that this budget is not going to be a good one! Why oh why do us carers have to suffer like this? Or will they government be doing this for new carer's? I simply dread the coming years! We all work hard to provide a stable home for our sick loved ones! And can't to out to ...
did any one go up to London? I couldn't but live each day on a knife edge at times. This is a sad situation. Regards Amanda h
Hi as a carer myself I would like to say happy carers week to all carers out there! We all do a wonderful job!without us many people would end up in hospital or a care home! Regards Amanda h
hi I had my assessment done a couple of weeks ago! And was told that the £500 is a one off payment! But another person who called round today said its a yearly think GPS do. We could do with a break as I am getting over a hip replacement! There is not much help for us carers! Regards Amanda h
I just wish this wretched government would stop this silly nonsense. Us carers are saving the government billions. !! This realy make me savage. Regards Amandah
hi I am a carer,and am wondering if I am allowed to take my hubby on a mini break in September? How often am I allowed? Last time I asked the gp but have been advised its a one off payment! Regards Amanda h
hi let's all hope that these cuts will only be for people who are applying and not for everyone! Its so awful that us carers are treated like this ! We are saving the government from billions. I can't go out leaving my disabled hubby home alone. I would not feel right! Regards Amanda h
hi I feel sad that carers are being ignored by the government! I simply dread all these savage cuts we are all getting! Why is there no one out there to support us? Anyway sorry for the rant! Its not easy as we are both in pain with our joints as well as hubby who is severely sighted and deaf! Rega...