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Tell them that they are responsible for his care , transport and well being on the day. You will have enough dealing with everything else
My wife had similar symptoms. Don't 'play at her own game's as this will only reinforce her ideas.
See her GP or psychiatrist and tell them the symptoms. My wife's changed her prescription slightly and improved things a lot.
It depends what you want to do or listen to. Spotify without adverts needs a subscription. Can you play your CDs on your Sony?. Does it have a socket for memory stick? Do you want to buy new music as digital downloads?
Have you thought of Internet radio?
Sorry, too many questions!
Hi. I recognise this struggle from caring for my wife. Insist on being in any meetings unless specifically excluded. If you are excluded insist on knowing exactly what the current plans are, as he may not tell you or remember. Make sure you tell them what behaviour you see, and how upset you are. As...
Hi. It sounds like you're doing everything that is possible. The only thing I can add is to get a referral to your local mental health crisis team, if you haven't already. You have to do that through the GP. Ours is very good when things are getting too much. You are right to query the medication, a...
Maplins have a Powerline intercom system that may be useful for £50
Hi. I can only offer advice from dealing with a depressed partner. However, is he getting seen by a psychiatrist along with the crisis team? It's important as they have a much wider knowledge of psychiatric drugs than a GP. You may have to nag the team to get the appointments , as resources get stre...
I used an app called FatSecret. It allows you to record what you eat and what you do daily, and shows what calories you've eaten compared to those used.
Works well if you're honest with yourself, and aim to lose weight gradually.
It shows what all the snacks add to your total , as a disincentive.
I'd contact their personnel dept , and explain you'd like why so as to help him rather than as criticism of them.

You're no worse off if they do say no.

Or ask the job centre if they can get more information.
Make her take someone with her. If she has an accident or things go wrong you'll forever feel guilty.